Now Accepting New ABCD Award Nominations

Get ready to ignite the spotlight on exceptional heroes among us! The ABCD (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) Award is your chance to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of Northville Public Schools' employees that defy expectations. 
Every year, or even each semester, the stage is set for the grand recognition. There's no limit to the number of awards we can give out – the more, the merrier!
Calling all students, parents, and staff: here's your golden opportunity to share a remarkable tale of a superhuman feat performed by an NPS staff member. Fill out our ABCD Award nomination form so we can give our staff a special recognition. 
Individuals receiving this ABCD Award may be recognized at the public Board of Education meetings and/or in District communications.
Join us in honoring the NPS stars who go the extra mile and leave us all in amazement! Bookmark our ABCD Award page for future nominations.