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Northville public schools

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Eye dropper painting
Cotton ball experiment
Playing with Playdoh

Playing with Playdoh

My self portrait
Colors Everywhere
Playing outside with friends
Drawing my self portrait with assistance from a friend
Girl practicing writing.
Building together
Fine motor skills
Class fun in the fall
Snow volcanos
Working Together
Creating self portraits

Creating self portraits

Spider climber
Colors Can Change
Painting without a paint brush
Fun in the Snow
Water color painting
GoNoodle brain games
Surveying his structure
Working together
Fun in the snow
Lincoln Logs

Performing "Bushy Tail"

Magnify glass with a leaf
Preschool friends walking to class.
Cool down zone
The Foot Book
Crafting with beads
Balance beam
Stacking of the Solo cups



Dr. RJ Webber Introduction

New Superintendent Introduces Himself to Community

After 37 years with Northville Public Schools, superintendent Mary Kay Gallagher retired in June 2022. Our new superintendent, Dr. RJ Webber, started at NPS on July 1, 2022. In this video, you'll learn about Dr. Webber's background, family, and professional ethics. Keep up with Dr. Webber's creative communications on the district's website under the Superintendent's Office page.
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