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Winchester - Mrs. Julie Springstubbe's Class

Classroom Information
16141 Winchester Drive, Northville MI 48168

Classroom Phone: 248-465-2413
Room #B-1

Vision Statement

We believe that “We are all one family under the same sky”, Parents…children…teachers…and the community. And it is our vision that TOGETHER we can inspire each other to be the best that we can be. We hope to provide the children in our room with many different opportunities, experiences, and choices. All of them leading to each special child developing a positive self-image, creative and unique thinking skills, the ability to relate to all kinds of people in positive ways, and a true love for learning.  As we all spend time together, we know that we will become happy and successful members of our connected “family."

Winchester Full-Day Pre-K
Daily Schedule


Schedule times may vary and adjust to meet the needs of the classroom.


7:00—Classroom opens and children choose from the centers in the classroom.
9:00—Group time. This includes activities such as music and movement, sharing, attendance, songs, group games and sharing time.
9:15— Breakfast!
9:45—Small Group Time.
10:00—Group time to discuss our goals and centers that are available for the day.
10:10—Choices. This is the time where we will explore art, math, science, writing center, sensory motor activities, constructive play, math, science, and imaginative play.
12:00—Lunch time!
12:45—Brush teeth and prepare for rest time.
1:00—Rest time.
3:00—Clean up from rest.
3:15—Snack time! We will enjoy books and puzzles until everyone has finished eating.
3:45—Group time to reflect on day and to discuss the last part of our day.
4:00—Choices, gym or outside.
5:00—Quiet choices in the room.
6:00—Classroom closes.