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Thornton Creek - Mrs. Ann-Marie Santrach's Class

Classroom Information

46180 W. Nine Mile Road  Novi, MI  48374

Classroom Phone: 248-465-2398
Room #C-8

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an environment that reflects our belief that children are unique, free-thinking and creative. We provide a classroom environment which is rich in opportunities for children to explore, create, and give expression to their thoughts and emotions. We recognize the importance of building strong partnerships among our students, families, staff and community. Our relationships help us to help children in their journey.
Thornton Creek Full-Day Pre-K Daily Schedule

Our schedule is flexible and our first few weeks of school will be spent getting acquainted, learning routines and becoming familiar with the classroom and materials. Once we have adjusted, our daily routine should look something like this….

• 7:00 ~ Welcome to school in room C10
• 8:25 ~ Free choice in our classroom and informal story time
• 9:15 ~ Breakfast in our classroom
• 10:00 ~ Outdoor Play (weather permitting. Temp. above 20oF with a wind chill above 10oF or we will have a Large Motor activity indoors)
• 10:45 ~ Morning Group: Daily Plan, story, finger plays and sharing
• 11:00 ~ Morning Activities: Small group work, Art, Projects, Cooking, Motor Skills, Studio and other interests
• 12:00 ~ Clean up: Reflect on our day, story and songs
• 12:15 ~ Lunch
• 1:00 ~ Clean up and ready for rest
• 1:20 ~ Rest Time (Children who are not resting after 45 mins. will be allowed to do quiet activities on their cots for the duration of rest time.)
• 3:00 ~ Waking up and putting away our rest belongings
• 3:15 ~ Afternoon Snack
• 4:00 ~ Afternoon Group followed by outdoor play or gym time
• 5:30 ~ Quiet Activities in our classroom
• 6:00 ~ Departure: Our program closes at 6:00