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Thornton Creek - Mrs. Callie Fenech's Class

Classroom Information
46180 W. Nine Mile Road  Novi, MI  48374

Classroom Phone: 248-465-2380
Room #C-10

Vision Statement

We believe that we are all “unique individuals.” That each thought that is spoken, each word that is written is very special. We will work together as one, so we may inspire each other, and build confidence in each other. With the support of our family, friends, and the community, I will grow to be the best I can be.

Thornton Creek Full Day Pre-K Daily Schedule

Please note that times are approximate may be flexible to accommodate the needs of the children


7:00 Welcome to a new day at school
Please take a moment to make sure that your child has hung up his or her belongings, then sign your child in. Have your child wash his or her hands, then they are welcomed to make an activity choice within the classroom.
8:40 Clean up and Group time
Good morning song, calendar, jobs, weather chart, counting attendance.
9:00 Breakfast
Children will independently get their breakfast, eat and enjoy conversations with peers. After breakfast there is a planned bathroom break.
9:25 Book Look
The children will quietly look at books while the teachers prepare the room for center time.
9:35 Brain Gym
9:40 Group Time
Time for stories, songs, finger plays, games and music and movement.
9:50 Small Group
Various activities from all learning areas implemented in small groups of children with one teacher leading each group.
10:00 Center Time
Children have the opportunity to move freely among a variety of centers and activities which might include pre-math, science, writing, sensory play, dramatic play, art, motor development, manipulatives, construction and language arts.
11:00 Clean up
Activities are cleaned up.
11:15 Outdoor Play (weather permitting)
Please note that the actual temperature has to be 20 degrees with the wind chill above 10 degrees to go outside. If we are unable to go outside we will have large motor development activities provided indoors.
12:00 Lunch
Healthy lunch choices from home or a hot lunch, purchased in advance, from school will be provided.
12:45 Teeth brushing and prepare for rest time
1:00 Rest Time
Children who are not resting after 45 minutes will have the opportunity to look at books or receive another quiet activity.
3:00 Wake up from rest time
3:15 Snack
A healthy snack is provided to children.
3:50 Group Time
Group discussions, reading stories, other large group activities
4:00 Outdoor Play or Gym (weather permitting)
5:00 Quiet choices
At this time our class will combine next door with Mrs. Santrach’s class (C-8).
6:00 Have a Wonderful Evening and See You at School Tomorrow!

When class is done for the day, we ask that you sign your child out. Please remember school policy stipulates that the children cannot be released to anyone who is not on the emergency card.