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Old Village School - Mrs. Jennifer Savage's Class

School-Day Pre-K 4 and 5 year olds

Classroom Information

Location: 405 W. Main Street, Northville, Michigan 48167
  • The Preschool classroom is located on the main floor. The School-Day program offers a wide variety of materials and equipment to support children's growth and development. The daily schedule provides time for lunch and rest and read. Curbside parking is available. 
Classroom Phone: 248-344-3214
Room #103

Vision Statement

We believe that “We are all one family under the same sky”, Parents…children…teachers…and the community. And it is our vision that TOGETHER we can inspire each other to be the best that we can be. We hope to provide the children in our room with many different opportunities, experiences, and choices…All of them leading to each special child developing a positive self-image, creative and unique thinking skills, the ability to relate to all kinds of people in positive ways, and a true love for learning. As we all spend time together, we know that we will become happy and successful members of our connected “family."
School-Day Pre-K Daily Schedule
Monday - Wednesday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
• Welcome students and parents into the classroom
     1. Students put things in their cubby
     2. Wash hands
     3. Put name rock into the basket
     4. Sign their name in their sign in folder
     5. Go to the rug to look at books or small activity
• Large Group
     1. Good Morning Attendance
     2. Sharing Bag (show and tell, estimation jar, book…)
     3. Choose Leader for the day
         a. Take home the Sharing Bag
         b. Calendar Helper
         c. Weather Helper
         d. Ring bell
         e. Line Leader
         f. Turn lights on/off
     4. Calendar
     5. Days of the Week
     6. Weather Graph
     7. Jobs
     8. Line up for Motor Room (Motor Skills 9:30-10:00)
• Motor Room
• Wash hands & Snack
• Large Group: this is a great time to have discussions with the children about their interests. In doing this, we are able to understand what the children would like to learn about and provide the appropriate materials throughout the classroom.
     1. Music & Movement
     2. Book
     3. Activity (Mat Man, individual dry erase boards, game…)
     4. Brain Gym
     5. Discuss centers
• Centers and Small Group
• Clean up and go outside
• Wash hands and Lunch
• Get ready for rest time
     1. Set up cot
     2. Brush teeth
     3. Look at books on cot
     4. Rest
• Put cots and rest items away
• Read books independently on the rug
• Group
      1. Read book
      2. Question of the Day (Do you like bananas? Or do you have an “Aa” in your name…)
     3. Discuss centers
• Centers and Small Group: this is a great time to observe, interact, assess and document.
• Clean up and get back packs ready to go home
• Outside
• Wash hands, go to rug and sing We Had a Good Day Song
• Students put on outdoor gear, grab back packs and sit on rug
• Dismiss one student at a time