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Our History


Our History
The following is an overview of the history of our programs and the way we have adapted to the growth of the community:

Teachers and parents at Silver Springs Elementary express a need for before and after school care for their children and a program is developed and implemented there. In 1980 a Community Education preschool program begins at Amerman Elementary.

The Moraine Early Childhood Development Center opens with half-day preschool, full-day child care, Wondergarten, developmental Kindergarten, and before and after school care. A Parent/Child class is eventually added. There are 200 children enrolled.

Growth in the community necessitates the need for Moraine to reopen as an elementary school. The renamed Northville Public Schools Early Childhood Center moves to Cooke School while some classes remain at Moraine.

Cooke School reopens as a middle school and the Early Childhood Center moves to Main Street. Winchester Kids’ Club is added.

New housing development in the area makes it necessary to add a fifth elementary school to the district. With this growth comes a need for more classrooms in early childhood as well, and as Thornton Creek Elementary is designed, Early Childhood space is allocated and designed into the architectural plan. National Accreditation is achieved in the Preschool and Child Care Programs.

Remodeling at Main Street provides space for a Parent/Child classroom and a Studio.

The program serves over 900 children at six locations throughout the district.

The community continues to grow. Ridge Wood Elementary opens and is designed with an Early Childhood wing for additional Early Childhood classrooms and an administrative office for the program.

An afterschool program specifically designed for middle school students is developed and implemented at both middle schools.

The middle school program moves to one location, Meads Mill Middle and continues to grow.  Students from Hillside Middle have a district bus available to transport them to the program, called Club Mid, at Meads Mill.