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Annual Reports & School Improvement Plans

Annual Reports & School Improvement Plans

Read the complete reports from Early Childhood Education and Extended Day Programs included in the Northville Public Schools District report.  Annual Reports and School Improvement Plans
Developing Communities of Learners

We will support children’s thinking and learning across disciplines by promoting a balance of child-initiated, family-influenced and teacher-guided experiences for a meaningful learning outcome in all domains.
2017 – 2018 School Improvement Goals
Honoring the Image of the Child
In partnership with families, teachers and peers,
all children will have opportunities to investigate, experience, explore
and collaborate to build knowledge across all domains.
  • Goal 1 (ECE)
    All teachers will plan and use provocations, based on children’s interests, to extend
    children’s experiences, support project work and promote higher level thinking skills.

  • Goal 2 (ECE)
    Increase children’s language learning potential through literacy-enriched environments,
    developmentally appropriate materials, experiences, and teaching strategies to
    encourage early forms of reading and writing.

  • Goal 3 (ECE/EDP)
    Increase STEAM focus in Early Childhood Education classes and Extended Day programs
    to tap into children’s natural curiosity about the world, integrate knowledge across
    disciplines and support the value of learning through investigation and hands-on active

  • Goal 4 (ECE/EDP)
    To support our growth, we will build capacity for teams to work together with positive
    and professional intent to best meet the needs of children..